As we have 22 Caravans in this Tagalong adventure we need to have some rules so as to avoid innocent mistakes being made, possible conflict and to have everyone doing the “right thing”.

This Tagalong has been organised by a group of hardworking volunteers whose only interest is to have a great event; so these rules have been set-up to assist in a having smooth running event.

Please help our volunteer coordinators by understanding and following these rules…

Arrival at a Caravan Park

Please advise park management of your arrival using your Name & that you are part of the Bailey Australia Owners Group, so they can confirm your site number and provide keys/cards for facilities, boom gates etc.

Site Allocation

Site numbers have been allocated by the individual Caravan Parks. The Tagalong organisers have previously provided each CP management with the length of each caravan and low clearance where applicable, plus your names.

It is too difficult to cater for individual requests such as being next to another member, being in the shade, having clear sky access for satellite etc.

Unless there is a major overriding matter, we shouldn’t need to seek alternate sites from management outside of our group allocation.  If there is a pressing concern, please discuss with your coordinators.

NOTE: No-one is to occupy another site other than the one they have been allocated.

Covid19 Registration

Each Caravan Park should have a Covid registration process at “check-in”. We have attempted to address in the Accommodation section of each location, but it has been difficult to understand differing processes.

It’s amazing how there can be so many different registration processes, but some parks have a website form, a paper form, a QR code or none at all.


Some members may not have experienced travelling as a member of a group tour. Road courtesy would suggest that…

  1. When travelling please leave sufficient space (e.g. 5 car lengths) between your vehicle and the vehicle in front, allowing plenty of space for overtaking vehicles.
  2. Those members who have a UHF radio in the vehicle are asked to use Channel 18 to communicate.
  3. The accommodation section for each location has the CP name, address, distance to & driving time
  4. A Google Map link has been provided in the itinerary website page (click on “Km’s to” number).
  5. The travel routes are only a suggested guide & members are free to use any travel route they wish.

In general, one of the Tagalong coordinators will lead the way (and head off early when departing for the free camps to place a sign on the road indicating where the camp is) while one of the coordinators will leave last to make sure everyone has been able to get away safely.

NOTE: The Tagalong organisers will not be held responsible for any issues arising from members using the suggested travel routes in the itinerary.

TIP: These travel routes have been sourced by using the “directions function” in Google maps from one location to the next.

Daily meetings

Please be punctual to the daily briefings (pre-happy hour) as there is generally important information being provided about the next day’s location and activities.

Happy hour follows the daily briefing. Please circulate amongst the group so that you get to meet everyone there and make all members feel inclusive – not really a rule, just a nice thing to do. 😁

Social Media

Please be considerate of others and refrain from sending messages (e.g. Facebook Messenger) between the hours of 9:00 PM and 9:00 AM. There’s nothing worse than a phone pinging with a “like” or a “thumbs up” at 2:30 AM!

Summing up…

Our group will be noticed by many both in parks and whilst on the road. So, our behaviour as Bailey caravan owners will be on display. Be proud and behave accordingly!