Volunteer Coordinators

Jennefer; Chris; Helen; Neil & Merrisa are your volunteer hosts.

Whilst every endeavour has been made to plan and manage a seamless tour, things may go amiss.

As volunteers, they have taken as much care as they can, but no responsibility!

We ask that you respect them and they in turn will likewise do our best for you!

TIP: Volunteer names & mobile numbers are available in the “Member’s Booklet” which will be provided to each caravan at the start of the trip.

Name Tags

Each member of the tour will be provided with a name tag.

This is a great way to get to know each other. Some people will be new faces to others so remembering names may be quite a challenge!

The name tags will be printed and provided in plastic card holders. These can be pinned or clipped onto your clothing as shown below.

A slight difference in the tags has been made so Tagalong21 coordinators have an orange background on their name tags and the Tagalong21 participants have a green background on their name tags.

Likewise, a laminated poster has been supplied with your information booklet.  We ask that this be displayed in your caravan front or passenger front side window, with the BluTak provided.  This enables tour members to find your caravan!  Remember there are many similar looking caravans in this tour!

Member’s Booklet

Membe'rs Booklet

As in previous years, we will be providing a “Tagalong21 Member’s Booklet” for each caravan. This will be provided at our 1st briefing session in Cessnock. The majority of its content is also on our website.

Your help is needed

  • The content of this website & the Members Handbook document has been built from extensive research (AKA Google) by the author BUT it doesn’t beat the knowledge of people who have previously travelled through the locations we will visit on our trip.
  • So this is a call-out to those who may know some great spots to visit, which are not in the handbook and to mention them at our daily information briefings.
  • We are looking for places to stop at on the trip when travelling from one location to the next, which is something we have not covered.
  • It could be a great bakery to have lunch or a scenic lookout.
  • It would a great benefit to all of our travelling group if you have something to add!

Means of communication during the Tagalong

There will be several means of communication during the Tagalong:

  1. Daily briefing sessions, held at 4:30pm in a communal gathering area (e.g. camp kitchen)
  2. The website will be kept updated when/if there are changes made to the itinerary.
  3. Facebook Messenger. Please refrain from sending messages between the hours of 9:00 PM and 9:00 AM. Nothing worse than a phone pinging with a “like” or a “thumbs up” at 2:30 AM!
    NOTE:  Be aware that some areas may not have mobile reception and, in such cases, it will be by word of mouth.

Site Allocation

Site numbers have been allocated by the individual caravan parks. We have provided each caravan park management with the length of your caravan and low clearance where applicable, plus your names.

It is too difficult to cater for individual requests such as being next to another member, being in the shade, having clear sky access for satellite etc. Unless there is a major overriding matter, we shouldn’t need to seek alternate sites from management outside of our group allocation.  If there is a pressing concern, please discuss with your coordinators.

Arrival at a caravan park

Unless otherwise stated, you should advise park management of your arrival using your surname and Bailey Australia Owners Group so they can confirm your site number and provide keys/cards for facilities / boom gates where required.

NOTE: No-one is to occupy another site other than the one they have been allocated.

Each Caravan Park should have a Covid registration process at “check-in”. We have attempted to address this on each Caravan Park page in this document.

It’s amazing how there can be different registration processes, but some parks have a website form, a paper form, a QR code or none at all.

Daily Briefing Meetings

Each day, at approximately 4:30 PM, we will meet at a designated location in the Caravan Park we are staying at (camp kitchen, BBQ area etc.) for a daily briefing to cover any issues and to discuss any highlights for the following day. This will be followed by our traditional “Happy Hour”.

At each briefing we will mention the possible activities for the following day and will be looking for input from those members who may have some interesting places to check-out as well.

NOTE: Please be punctual to the daily briefings (pre-happy hour) as there is generally important information being provided about the next day’s location and activities.

Discussion about travelling to the next location

At the daily briefing before moving onto the next location in our itinerary we would love to hear from people who may have local knowledge about the route we are travelling. We’re looking for ideas about places to stop at along the way, to our next location, which may be of interest to the group. It may be a great bakery or scenic lookout or known road conditions (like a steep decent in the mountain areas).

Please do not hesitate to contribute to the discussion as it will benefit all.

Schedule for departures from Caravan Parks

As there are 22 caravans we cannot just all “roll-out” of a Caravan Park all at once so we are proposing a schedule to spread-out our departures from 8:30am to 10:00am on the days we leave.

The simplest method is, at the team briefing on the night prior to leaving, invite volunteers to nominate their departure time. The organising team are suggesting we will have 3 caravans departing every 15 minutes from 8:30am to 10:00am.

At least one of the organising team will leave with the 1st 3 caravans and another member of the organising team will leave with the last 3 caravans.

NOTE: This is only a proposal and we will discuss it with all of the group at the first team briefing, in Cessnock, to arrive at an agreed process.

Happy Hour Nibbles

On previous Tagalongs there was always far too much food if everyone brought something for happy hour nibbles so this year it has been agreed by all members that we have five (5) nominated caravans per night to provide nibbles for our happy hour.

  • Can you please bring along nibbles to your nominated day, keeping in mind there may be up to 41 people who should be at happy hour with nibbles being provided by five (5) nominated members.
  • The important thing to remember is that we don’t need happy hour to be “over-catered” i.e. moderation is the key.
  • A separate printed Happy Hour Nibbles Roster has been provided with the Members Booklet with group of five (5) members rostered to each Happy Hour.

NOTE: Please contact one of the coordinators if this causes an issue.

TIP: Caravan numbers are printed on window posters & name tags. Those members who have special dietary requirements may wish to bring their own nibbles.

Happy hour is the perfect time to ensure all people are included in the fun & chats. Please circulate amongst the group so that you get to meet everyone there and make all members feel inclusive.


With the uncertainty surrounding tour bookings due to Covid19 the organising team has cut back on pre-booked activities with two planned activities organised so far (see below). However, we have provided a fairly extensive list of possible activities for each location as well as info for the local tourist information centre.

Organised Activities

There are currently two organised activities planned for the group…

  1. A wine tour on the 2nd day in Cessnock – Tuesday 27 April.
    • This was organised some time ago and all members who are going have already paid for the trip.
      • If you have not registered, and wish to attend, then please contact the organising team ASAP!
    • More info is available on the Cessnock web page.
  2. Day trip to explore Wollomombi Falls – Wednesday 12 May.
    • This is a cost free day-trip from our caravan park in Armidale.
    • More info is available on the Armidale web page.

Trivia, Games & Poetry

One of our Tagalong members has offered to run a trivia night, which will be a bit of a “hoot”. More information will be advised during the trip.

Most caravaner’s have their own games, such as “Left, Right, Centre, Keep” or Bocci. Make sure you bring some along to play during happy hour.

On the Tagalong20 trip we had a bush poetry night which was a lot of fun where various members read poetry. The poems were brilliant and many laughs were had. The Bob Magor poems were a hoot, so let’s continue the tradition.

With the uncertainty surrounding tour bookings, due to Covid19, the organising team has cut back on pre-booked activities with two planned activities organised so far (see below). However, we have provided a fairly extensive list of possible activities for each location as well as info for the local tourist information centre.

At each Happy Hour we will mention the activities for the following day and discuss who is going on what, arrange times etc. (apart from those with fixed group bookings).

Will Bailey Roo make a comeback

On the Tagalong20 trip we had a mascot called Bailey Roo.

Bailey Roo spent each day with a different caravan taking in the local sights and posing for photos as can be seen below. You can also check out the collection of last Bailey Roo photos on last year’s Tagalong20 website.

We are not sure whether Bailey Roo will make a return again for Tagalong21 but we may have a mystery mascot instead.

Whatever happens, put your thinking caps on for when it’s your turn to spend the day with our Tagalong21 mascot.