For the 2nd year in a row Bailey Roo was the Tagalong21 mascot and nearly each day he would spend it with another Tagalong participant. The idea is to capture some of the antics which Bailey Roo would get up to along the way.

There is actually a competition among the group as to who can capture the funniest and most thrill seeking events which our mascot gets up to.

Here are the results of Bailey Roo’s shenanigans…

Day #2 Cessnock

This was actually the 1st day that Bailey Roo made his appearance after secretly sneaking into the group at happy hour last night. He started the day early by joining the water aerobics group and then so eager to get going on the wine tour that he tried to commandeer the bus! So it was off to the wineries and at one point he got in a bit of strife and was sent to the naughty corner.

Day #3 Cessnock

While at Cessnock, he ventured out to the Army firing range and was caught on the wrong side of the fence. He ended up in hand-cuffs, really worried about going to jail.

Day #4 Cessnock

Today sees Bailey Roo paying a visit to a local garden nursery to check out what was on offer. He got up to his normal mischief before retiring back at the caravan park, catching up for a couple of drinks with his mate Karl Koala.

Day #5 Wallabadah

Bailey Roo loved the Wallabadah Free Camp. He actually took the idea of being free and headed off to the 1st Fleet Gardens to check if any of his ancestors may have been a convict. Then tried to catch up with a mate on top of a huge rock for a beer. Next was the playground where he got up to all sorts of tricks including trying to do a bit of “caravan surfing” but was told to “get down from there you cheeky roo!” by Tim.

Day #6 Tamworth

The home of Australia’s Country & Western music scene and Bailey Roo decided to “get into it” after happy hour and checking out the Slim Dusty tribute poster. So it was up onto the stage for an impromptu sing-along which didn’t go that well.

The next thing you see is bailey Roo checking the map for a quick exit out of town.

Day #7 Lake Keepit

The story got out that there was a mouse plague in Lake Keepit so Bailey Roo started to investigate if the story was true. He checked out the playground, the lake and even asked the cows. All he found were some strange looking mice which were connected to computers.

Day # 8a Lake Keepit

While he was at Lake Keepit Bailey Roo took the opportunity to borrow John’s canoe and do some practicing. He did some paddling, then an intentional capsize and wet exit followed by a self rescue. Not a bad effort for a blow up roo!

Day # 8b Lake Keepit

Bailey Roo decided to go for a bike ride but found his feet wouldn’t reach the pedals and also got his tail caught in the spokes. Chris tried to help out as he’d sprung a leak.

Day # 8c Lake Keepit

Bailey Roo may have been having a ball at Lake Keepit but still manage to read about how to improve on his stock exchange listings.

Day # 10 Moree

The humans hit the hot springs in Moree and so did Bailey Roo. He had a swim with Phil & Lynne, then laid by the pool for a while. He then had a snooze in the van before heading out to try and make some new friends. Later that night he was caught watching his favourite TV show called “Doctor Doctor” and had a real winge when being told to go to bed.

Day # 11 Moree

Moree’s Amaroo Pub has a C47 Dakota aircraft out the front and Bailey Roo snuck in to check it out. Playing captain and medic then returning back to the van for yet another “nanna nap”.

Day #12 Bingara

As we saw in Tamworth, Bailey Roo thinks he has some musical talents so Paul gave him a few lessons for the happy hour campfire sing-along. Guess what? He was a no show at the campfire!

Day #13 Bingara

Bailey Roo really wanted to go for a canoe ride in the Gwydir River so jumped into the car waiting for the opportunity. He was also confused by the weird tree they had there.

Day #14 Glen Innes

It was mothers day and after happy hour Bailey Roo jumped onto the courtesy bus and headed off to the Glen Innes Services Club for dinner. He had a couple of drinks with the humans and then tried his luck on the pokies – no luck.

Day #15 Glen Innes

Bailey Roo visited the Australian Standing Stones and began by “looking for Jaime and Claire” (Netflix series – Outlander), then tried Excalibur – “that sword won’t budge“. He was so frustrated he decided “So disappointed, no Jaime and Claire and no sword,  I’m leaving town

Day #16 Armidale

Bailey Roo decided to have a look around Armidale and found an interesting shop, went in and was quickly asked to leave then bumped into a really friendly dog down the road. Moscow Circus was in town and he checked out the big clowns.