These pages have been created for the benefit of the Bailey Caravaners participating in the 2021 Bailey Tagalong. Information provided includes the following:

  • Itinerary the list of destinations for the Tagalong21 trip – including, accommodations, map links, dates etc
  • Locationsproviding details of locations visited on Tagalong21 – including info about the location, caravan park info, things to do, photos, tourist info centres etc
  • Attendee Informationsome important information for participants of this Tagalong, including who is running it, name tags, means of communication etc
  • Some Rulesrules established to make the Tagalong a no fuss, less stressful trip
  • Bailey Roo Photoseach Tagalong there’s been a mascot and participants have the mascot for a day and have to take photos including the mascot – some hilarious photos are taken and a competition is run for the best photo
  • Member’s Survey – results of a survey taken after the completion of Tagalong21