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Moree is a town which promotes itself as “Home of Artesian Water Country” and as “Australia’s Artesian Spa Capital” because since 1895 it has tapped into the hot springs of the Great Artesian Basin and promoted them as healing waters attracting people seeking healthy spa water. Moree is the major town in the affluent Moree Plains Shire. The district is famous for its rich black soil plains which, as one local wit observed, is so productive: “You could put a match in the ground overnight and get a walking stick in the morning.” Wheat and other cereals, chick peas, cotton, oil seeds, pecan nuts, legumes and olives are all grown around the town. Located on both sides of the Mehi River, Moree has numerous attractive riverside parks and reserves. It is deservedly famous for its outstanding collection of Art Deco buildings which make the town centre particularly fascinating.
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Staying at:Gwydir Thermal Pools Motel & Caravan ParkWikiCamps Link
Address:2 Amaroo Drive MoreeTel:(02) 6752 2723
Google Maps route:Approx 99kms & 1hr 4mins from Narrabri
Arrival date:Wednesday 5th May 2021
Staying for:2 nights
Departure date:Friday 7th May 2021
Accom notes:There is a dump point in the park
NO fires are permitted in the park - due to its proximity to the airport

Places of interest in the area

Tourist Info

The nearest tourist info centre is the Moree Plains Visitor Information Centre, located at 67 Alice Street Moree - 2.2km north of the CP. Tel: (02) 6757 3350

Besides the thermal pools located in the caravan park, you may find something interesting below…

The Moree History Tour

Take a walk down memory lane with a guided Heritage and Art Deco Walk around Moree’s central business district area.

Bank Art Museum

BAMM is a regional art institution with a difference. For thirty years we have worked to enhance the cultural life of Moree with a changing schedule of exhibitions that educate, challenge, and delight our local audience and visitors to the region.

Moree Regional Botanical Gardens

These evolving garden line the southern bank of the meandering Mehi River.

Moree Artesian Aquatic Centre (MAAC)

Amazingly, this facility is fed from bore derived hot mineral waters, heated naturally at 41 degrees Celsius. The baths are visited by 300,000 people annually, who travel to experience the therapeutic benefits.

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